Welcome to the 30th annual World Day of Prayer

We're excited to participate in this year's World Day of Prayer, happening September 14th worldwide.

We'll be kicking off this year's World Day of Prayer on Sunday, September 3rd, with a gathering of names. Join us on Sunday and submit your names to be sent to Unity Village to be added to the collective prayer. 

On Sunday, September 10th, we will have a signup sheet for everyone to sign up for a virtual hour of prayer between 9 am and 6 pm on September 14th. Help us reach our goal of continuously praying for all 9 hours by signing up! If you can't attend in person, email [email protected] to sign up.

On September 14th, praying will commence. We will add our collective energy and prayers to those happening worldwide to amplify and increase our potential!

If you cannot join us to submit your names on September 3rd, prayer requests can be submitted directly to Unity Prayer Ministry. Click below to submit your prayer request or to learn more about what's happening and who's speaking at this year's worldwide event.

Visit Unity.org